Area 7 Eventing Report

What a fabulous result for the Ludlow’s 🤩🤩
90cm: Ludlow Doves of Matilda, Abby, Tom and Ella- TEAM WINNERS 👏👏👏 with Ella not only the trailblazer no 1 also WINNING her section. So all qualifying for the champs 💪💪💪
100cm: Ludlow Hawks of Poppy, Ottie, and Ollie TEAM THIRD and Ludlow Kestrels of Eliza, Megan, Meg and Ottie, TEAM FOURTH and Ottie coming INDIVIDUAL THIRD on Rolo in one section and on Squidge in the other section picking up championship qualifications on both 👏👏👏 with Ollie coming 7th and Meg 10th.
80cm: The highlight of the day watching all the 80 competitors. Great effort from the Swallows of Grace, Jess and Emily and congratulations to the Wrens of Chloe, Del and Millie who came TEAM FIFTH and qualified for the Regional Champs 👏👏👏👏 and Chloe who came individual 7th and Millie individual 8th.
WHAT A DAY 👏👏💗👏👏👏👏💗
Thank you so much to Nancy Rollings, Rosie Thomas and Gary Morgan for warming them all up and doing all the course walks and to our fabulous team manager Arabella Salwey.
A true team effort.

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