Area Competitions 2021

Area 7 Dressage at Berriewood – 24th July

Well what can I say, the last week has been a series of ups and downs, with Covid isolation issues kicking in I did think at one point we may not even manage to field a team at any level, especially when Nancy text me and said she was out for a week, I don’t know who was more gutted me or her! but she had already put the work in and it showed and so it all came good in the end with some beautifully ridden tests, resulting in qualifications for the Championships at every level! See results below… well-done everyone epic day all round, thank you to everyone who supported and to Nancy & Amy for all the training/warm-up support, onwards and upwards and on to the Championships!




Becky (Billy) 2nd Qualified as part of the mixed winning Area 7 team & 5th Qualified as Individual (Cracker)

Intermediate Team 5th

Alice, Matilda, Ollie (4th) & Alice (2nd) & Qualified

Novice team 1st & Qualified

Jess (1st) Abi (3rd), Ella (3rd) & Tilly (4th)

Regional Team 12th

Dell, Millie & Grace (7th) & Qualified

Area 7 Eventing Sapey – 18th July

So the Ludlow Hunt Pony club was the winner in every sense of the word but before focussing on the fab event as a whole I wanted to write up about the brilliant performances from its members Sorry this will be quite a long post (with no photos as failed miserably taking any). So here goes!

90cm Ludlow Doves of Matilda Abby Tom and Ella- TEAM WINNERS with Ella not only the trailblazer no 1 also WINNING her section. So all qualifying for the champs!

100cm Ludlow Hawks of Poppy Ottie and Ollie TEAM THIRD and Ludlow Kestrels of Eliza Megan Meg and Ottie TEAM FOURTH and Ottie coming INDIVIDUAL THIRD on Rolo in one section and on Squidge in the other section picking up championship qualifications on both with Ollie coming 7th and Meg 10th

80cm – the highlight of the day watching all the 80 competitors. great effort from the Swallows of Grace Jess and Emily and congratulations to the Wrens of Chloe Del and Millie who came TEAM FIFTH and qualified for the Regional Champs and Chloe who came individual 7tn and Millie individual 8th.


Thank you so much to Nancy Rollings, Rosie Thomas and Gary Morgan for warming them all up and doing all the course walks. amazing team effort, Arabella.

Area 7 Tetrathlon at Ettington – 10th & 11th July

Before we get to the results. Tetrathlon has four phases; shooting, swimming, riding and running. The impact of C19 on three of the four phases has been detrimental. Shooting ranges and village hall have only just reopened, likewise the swimming pools. School sport, being the foundation to the running phase has been shut down for the entire time. The riding phase, not so much – but with our own Sommerford training camp cancelled and then in came the rain, much of the x-country training was also hampered.

Congratulations to all (not just the Ludlow) the competitors and their backup crews for their endeavour and reliance. Especially after lockdown, when everything at times can feel like such a big effort. I do hope you have had time to reflect and acknowledged your achievements and most importantly enjoyed the mini-adventure that has created yet more PC memories.

Big thank you to Rosie and Amanda for coming to support. Their presence takes the pressure off the parents and more importantly offers calmness and security to our jockey’s. Thank you.


Intermediate Girls – Poppy May 3rd, Tilly Evans 4th, Matilda Wall 7th

Intermediate Boys – Charlie Brown 1st and Tom Brown 2nd

Mixed intermediate Team – Poppy, Tilly, Charlie and Tom 1st

Junior Girls – Scarlett Bailey 2nd and Emily Walsh 6th.

Mini Boys – Dylan Walsh 3rd

Tadpoles – Oliver Harcourt-Smith 3rd and Christopher Harcourt-Smith 4th

So the good news – We entered 7 potential qualifiers and YES they have ALL Qualified for the National Tetrathlon Championships on the 13-15th August at Off Church Bury. This our best result to date, let’s hope you enjoy the champs even more. A special mention the Dylan, Oliver and Christopher for their fantastic effort, especially for the younger boys and their first ever Tetrathlon.

Best wishes

Liz Brown

Tetrathlon manager

Area 7 Show Jumping at Rodbaston College – 3rd July

Huge congratulations to our showjumpers who qualified for the national championships today.

Scarlett Bailey qualified in the novice coming in 2nd place with her lovely Patch ( Penhill Pye) and Ollie Smith in the 1m on Omard Hawaii Lass, who Abby Henry kindly lent for the day.

In the 90cm, the Ludlow Hunt Swallows came team 9th and in the 100cm, Holly Bailey came 10th with just a rolled pole keeping her out of the jump-off.

It was a lovely day, a little bit soggy to start.  Thank you Rosie Thomas for walking courses and warming them up.  So wonderful to see Ludlow team members supporting each other.  Quite challenging courses today and some lovely clear rounds , but too many rolled poles for us to be in the placings.

I am sorry to have no jumping pictures for the 100 class, I wasn’t allowed in to watch!