Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp Booking Form


Senior Camp is held at Lincomb, nr Stourport; this is a residential camp, where members and their horses/ponies stay for 4 days.  We have daily training/activities with our fabulous instructors in small groups followed by various evening activities which include demonstrations, visiting speakers, games, competitions etc.  Members stay in tents, caravans and/or lorries and all meals are cooked for us on site.  We have volunteer stable managers to keep an eye on the horses and other volunteers who stay to look after the members, including a qualified nurse, so everyone is looked after and kept safe n sound.

**If any members would like to join in with senior camp, but would rather not stay overnight, then this can be organised.  Horses/ponies can be left, members can leave after evening activities and feeding, then arrive back in time for breakfast and morning feeds.  We want to include everyone in camp and we don’t want anyone to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Junior Camp is held at Kyre, nr Tenbury and is a shorter version of senior camp; 3 days of fun, various activities, games, demonstrations and little competitions.  Ponies and children do not stay but go home each night, all culminating in the ‘famous Picnic Ride’ on the last day.  Members work towards various badges and a competition linked to the theme of the year!

Junior Camp is Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 July and will cost £110

Senior Camp is Thursday 6 to Sunday 8 August and will cost £240

All relevant paperwork will be sent out before June, including full details of equipment needed, medical forms etc, the initial booking forms are attached to this email.

We are more than happy to take part payments for camp over the next few months, to make it easier for everyone and as you will see – we are keeping the costs of camp exactly the same as 2019, if needed we will subsidise the costs if I run over budget!  If you could please clearly mark your payments ‘Summer Camp’ so Jon can keep track of payments, so none get lost.

Deserving Member Places (Free Senior Camp Places)

As you may or not know we are extremely lucky to have two families who have had children grow up within Ludlow Pony Club, who agree with me that summer camp is the highlight of the year, where friendships are made and lots of fun is had!  With this in mind, they both wanted to give ‘something back to pony club’ and very kindly each family offered to pay for a member, each year, to attend senior camp for 5 years.

This is the fourth year of this wonderful opportunity and it means that 2 lucky members can attend senior camp for FREE!

To make this as fair as possible, it was decided for all MEMBERS to write a letter to explain why ‘in their own words’ pony club is important to them, what going to camp means to them and how they feel about their horse/pony etc.

This letter is then made totally anonymous and sent to both families to choose the one they feel is most deserving.

It is open to everyone who would like to come to senior camp, all ages and all abilities – so please if you’d like the opportunity of a FREE PLACE at Senior Camp, please write/email a letter to me, to arrive before Sunday 14 June…… if you have applied before and not been selected, then please have another go, this could be your lucky year!

Louise Powell DC