Efficiency Test Training 2020

Pony Club Efficiency tests.


This summer we will be running efficiency tests and training for D, D+, C and C+. Also, the mini road rider (which is taken before D test) and the road rider which is taken before the C test.

These tests are great for ALL members to work towards for both horse & pony care and riding. The member receives a certificate and a coloured felt to be worn with their Pony Club badges, each test is a different colour felt.

Rosie will be running all the necessary training sessions for these tests.

  • D test:      minimum age to take test 8 years. Felt colour Yellow.
  • D+ test:   minimum age to take test 10 years. Felt colour White
  • C test:     minimum age to take test 11 years. Felt colour Green
  • C+ test:   minimum age to take test 13 years. Felt colour Pink.

Link for the Pony Club page for more details on the test syllabuses


Test Training C & C+ & ROAD RIDER


Please contact Claire Bradley for more details clairebradley1@icloud.com

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